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Matmos announces new EP release and 20 year anniversary

Snips, clicks, snaps, and squelches: the electronic music producers of Matmos are bracing the world with the release of their latest EP The Ganzfeld.

Translated from German to mean literally “the entire field”, Matmos derived the track from the use of interesting parapsychological experiments inspired by the classic Ganzfeld experiment, all carried out at Baltimore and Oxford University (a bit more creative than the making of the latest Cher Lloyd single, eh!).
But even more exciting than this delightful new release: the San Francisco born-and-bred duo are also a couple and have so been for a double decade.

The layers of percussion and beats are not the only form of synchronisation involved in this quirky musical set-up – Thrill Jockey (their record label) and the techno couple are also celebrating their subsequent 20th anniversaries at the same time. And what better way for the delightful duo to celebrate such a momentous occasion than with a surprise release of ‘The Ganzfeld’ this October?

And you can download Very Large Green Triangles for free:

Words: Connor Purdy

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