GTea Break

Shaved by Bart Hess

Mastering The Art of The Close Shave

Creatively produced by Bart Hess, this short film unveils an undoubtedly sought after ripped body, inspired by the talented and sleek bodies of Olympic swimmers who are presently competing against each other in the London Olympics.

Swimmer Shaved

Hess’ astonishing fashion filmmaking skills enabled him to be assisted by two human shavers, which manoeuvred a two metre long blade in evolving this spruce-up session into a seductive act.

The man behind the masterpiece is famously known for designing the 15lb slime dress for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video as well as sculpting unique outfits for photographer Nick Knight’s editorials, featured in AnOther Magazine and US Vogue.

Watching this was a painfully enticing tease… We want more from where that came from.

Words: Tarunbir Kaur
Photo: Shaved by Bart Hess on

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