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Matthew Mitchem does Single Ladies

On a ukulele, not Liza-style

So the Olympic diver releases a YouTube clip of himself strumming along to his ukulele, singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies – and it went swimmingly. Yes pun intended. With 80,666 hits in the last 96 hours, he lets YouTubers know that it’s just for fun:

Quoting from his comment under the happy chappy clip: “I profess to be neither a great instrumentalist nor singer, I'm just an Olympic diver who likes to strum away in his spare time...” We like this type of ‘out-there’ attitude he has to his ukulele and his fans, but what we love even more is his cheeky smile at the end of the clip, it really is...well, cheeky.

Less than 24 hours ago he uploaded another clip, this time singing along to the Family Guy theme tune. Who would have thought he was talented in more ways than just one? Olympic gold medallist? Check. Musical? Check. Flexible? Check. (We know this from his visit on the Pam Ann Show), demonstrating “The Pike”. This clip is a must if you’re a fan, or you simply just like looking at him…

Words: Tarunbir Kaur

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