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Hitting the G-Spot with Pandora's Box.

"It's a messy job is stripping, especially when you started as a toilet attendant!"

So states Pandora, an ageing XXL stripper who has lived many lives and is about to spill the beans on her colleagues and her customers which is a bit of a role reversal for her she states. "Imagine a dilapidated strip joint with peeling off wallpaper, a funky smell and a manky pole"... thats what we are asked to do when entering this fringe venue. It wasnt so hard, the place was already rather close to the description of the 'G-Spot Dancing Venue and Gentlemen's Club' Pandora worked in, we were concerned... But we needn't have been!

Laughs-A-Plenty were had from this Yorkshire lass turned Goddess of Barnsley describing and singing of the antics of her 8 kids, running into the Spice Girls, Hoping to be the next face of Iceland but losing out to Kerry Katona and even having a shot at Gold as an Olympic athlete! Joanne Jollie playing Pandora manages to get the audience on her side with verve and enthusiasm working the crowd so expertly that when it comes to some audience participation, rather than getting the awful 'don't look at me, don't pick me' sensation, people were vying to jump in and be part of the story. One man couldn't contain himself at the performance we saw, taking on his role with much enthusiasm, but perhaps that was the opportunity to be part of a very different strip routine...

Jollie is a powerhouse singer who doesn't let the pace stop, moments of poignancy and sweetness sit well amongst the belly laughs and perfectly selected 80's and 90's Classic songs that have been reworked to fit in with the story written by Kirsty Ayer. We saw this at a preview on its UK tour before heading off to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Worth a venture especially if you happen to be up and about at midday as the only alternative would be a kids show! (Plus it's FREE).


Pandoras Box - Midday - Daily until Aug 26th - Edinburgh Fringe Festival Venue number 185, Laughing Horse @ Espionage

Words: Ralph B

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