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Zac Efron sheds schoolboy charade

The teenage heartthrob blossoms into new bad boy character

In upcoming film, The Paperboy, former High School Musical actor, Zac Efron, sheds his teen image to reveal a more mature and ripened side, and that’s not just his dazzling derrière I’m talking about! He plays the ultimate boy-next-door character of Jack James, the younger brother of reporter Ward James (Matthew McConaughey), roped in by Charlotte Bless (Nicole Kidman) to help release Bless’ death row-doomed lover.

Sexual tension between Kidman and Efron rapidly intensifies and the trashy peroxide blonde (absolutely loving this look on Kidman) is lucky enough to get her very own sexy striptease from Zac into nothing more than his tighty whities – jealously is an understatement. Things soon get hot and heavy between the two and some very passionate sex scenes are included in the film.

Efron, interviewed at the Cannes Festival, announced: “As much as I love everything I've done [so far], this is a new frontier for me. It's incredibly fulfilling.” The teen icon even went as far as stating: “It's a dream.” I think you’ve certainly got that one right, Zac! If only for the sexy shots of Zac Efron frolicking in his underwear, The Paperboy is a must see.

Words: Connor Purdy

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