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Meltdown has begun!

Planningtorock and Light Asylum "rocked" and "lit up" Queen Elizabeth's Hall last night

Yeah, we went there.

Two queer electro bands kicked off Anthony Hegarty's Meltdown Festival (with Diamanda Galas next door) and there was barely a straight person in sight on London's Southbank yesterday evening.

Sporting a shiny black helmet-cum-fashun-hat, Sharon Funchess the lead singer of Light Asylum (pictured) - though visibly restrained by the seating arrangements and almost apologetic about the fact - led the duo through all their pounding electro hits. Backed by a subtle light show the crowd were writhing in their seats and itching to get up and dance. For these are hits made at night, and would have been even more intense in a dark sweaty basement or venue they are more accustomed to. They still put out though, and Sharon's hypotic body popping dancemoves betrayed her steely stare and frightening facial expressions. Her vocal tics are like a testosterone laden Little Richard, and on paper and occassionally on record seem at odds with their updated-80s sound, but work perfectly on a stage and quite literally in your face.

Planningtorock's set started with the ominous appearance of saxophones, but these were worked into the set beautifully. It was about halfway through that things really started to 'go off' as she played this infront of her signature offbeat videos:

Things slowly built to a climax/encore with Patriarchy Over and Out getting people dancing in the aisles, finishing off with a brilliant rendition of Living It Out.

Anthony's Meltdown runs until the 12 Aug, there's still time to see some of these shows. We'd go for CocoRosie, and Joey Arias (who is interviewed in the new issue of GT out this weekend)

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