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Mika’s album makeover

He's set to release his third album

With a deliciously diverse contribution to The Origin of Love from the likes of William Orbit, Ellie Goulding and Benny Benassi among others, Mika’s third album is proving itself to be one of the hottest new releases of the year.
Detaching himself slightly from his originally über flamboyant and high-pitched personality, the singer claims this album will be “less child-like and more serious.”

Mika, a fluent French speaker, has conducted several of the songs on the album in French including the first song, Elle me dit. Musically, the album is set to differ from albums one and two in that it will be “less layered” and will include elements of Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac – sounds interesting?! Further, an exciting edition is that the song Celebrate set to lead the album will feature none other than radiant rapper legend Pharrell Williams.

Besides the anticipation of his new album, Mika has had another release in his life. Last Thursday at London hotspot, Heaven nightclub, the sassy singer dedicated his song and album, The Origin of Love, to *and I quote*, “the man [he] loves”. He stated: “It [the song] talks about falling in love with whoever you fall in love with…even if it’s a man,” and declared it his “freedom statement.” This is all very exciting stuff.

Mika has certainly set himself up for a big comeback and we have high expectations as well as excitement levels to see what he can pull off this time. Here you can have a sneak peak at Mika’s explanation of one of his new songs, Lola which will star as track number 12 on the album:

Words by: Connor Purdy

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