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And it feels like jealousy

Will Young in a particularly skimpy volleyball outfit

It does feel like jealousy as we envy the fortunate people who were at Hyde Park for London live, the free event hosted by BT for the openings of the Olympic games.
Not in the original line up, Will Young was recruited to replace Tom Jones who was not able to perform due to a chest infection (get well soon Tom). Humble as ever, he gave his appreciation to his band before encouraging the crowd to cheer him on as he started to strip... check out this video:

Unfortunately not baring all, Young stripped down to a rather flattering volleyball outfit and strutted catwalk style down the main stage, showing off his nicely defined legs and shaking his money makers, aka his bum, at the audience.
It still felt like jealousy as he commenced to play his top ten single, still dressed in his volleyball gear, hip thrusting, and gyrating - if this is how our celebrities are supporting the Olympics then bring on more performances!
It's also making us incredibly excited about this autumn when Mr Young will be making his debut into theatre playing Emcee in Cabaret. The play set to run for four weeks, starting in October, also stars former Eastenders star Michelle Ryan who will be playing Sally Bowles, so one way or another the chances of it not being amazing are slim-to-none.
Words: Lola Ukandu

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