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Another Video Games cover...

...this time from Boy George!

While we certainly didn't think that anyone could take Lana Del Ray's Video Games and make it sound suitably distinct while maintaining the essence of the song, someone has succeeded and that someone is Boy George. Take a look at the video directed by Mike Nicholls below:

We're almost positive that the Mike Nicholls who directed this video is not the same as Mike Nichols who directed The Graduate, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Closer. But we can't be sure that the Boy George covering Lizzie Grant is quite the same as he used to be. George is certainly holding his trademark flair and flamboyancy back and in doing so reveals a genuine tenderness.

Coupled with the interesting video, which follows two pretty young things cavorting around a seaside town, George's melancholy vocals ring out over the top and resonate in a very different fashion to Lana's. With such an engaging video we can't help but think it possibly eclipses Del Rey's stony faced rendition of her own song. Del Rey's self directed video can be seen here:

Boy George isn't the only artist to have covered Video Games in recent months; Bombay Bicycle Club, John Mayer and Kasabian have also tried their hand at covering the track, not forgetting one of favourite electro pop acts The Young Professionals. While it is most certainly Del Rey's song there is definitely something to Video Games that can be mined from it by other artists.

The track and the album it features on can be purchased here:

Words: Joshua Hammond

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