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Mario Lopez gets his kit off

for his Twitter followers

How does he do it? It seems that Mario Lopez refuses to age, but instead only gets hotter and hotter.

Over the weekend Lopez did a photo shoot to model his new line of underwear MaLo. Fortunately for us he decided he would share the experience on twitter. Lopez, who is best known over here for Saved by the Bell back in the early 90s, shows photos of him being covered in gold and holding a discus and a javelin. There are also a number of shots of Lopez and his fiancé (yes we are jealous of her too) modelling the him-and-hers range of underwear.

At 38 Lopez has the sort of body that many of us dream of having ourselves or in our bed. The annoying thing he also appears to be a really nice guy, at least that’s how he came across on the infamous interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Don’t you just hate guys like that!

Words: Matt Isard

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