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Scissor Sisters

stream for free on The Space

We all love the Scissors Sisters. We all love free things. Put them both together and what do you get? The perfect combination. So for one last week before sport bombards us from all sides, head down to the BT River of Music festival. And if you can’t make it, digital channel The Space is streaming the whole thing.

While the weekend festival is an event celebrating the upcoming Olympics, you can’t really say no when it is the Scissor Sisters. But if the rain doesn’t hold off and you don’t feel like getting wet, then head over to The Space where they will be showing the band live from the Tower of London. And they are even generous enough to leave this content available for you to watch whenever you feel like from 23 July.

If you head over to their website now, you can see footage of Jake and the band preparing and rehearsing ready for their performance on the Americas stage on 21 July. Other performers include London band the Noisettes, who will be on the Europe stage in Trafalgar Square.

The BT River of Music festival is this weekend 21- 22 July. Free tickets available from here

The Scissor Sisters performance will be streamed live 21 July from 8pm on The Space, Freeview HD channel 117. This and other performances from the festival will be available from 23 July

Words: Antony De Rienzo.

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