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Nelly Furtado’s Spirit Indestructible

Bonfires and boozing.

We were thrilled when Nelly Furtado recently came back to music with her Big Hoops on, so much so that we featured her in our previous summer issue. And she's just gone and released her latest video for the new single from upcoming album The Spirit Indestructible. Take off the ‘The’ and you’ve got the single title.

Starting off singing in a theatre before going back to her Canadian routes, the video sees Nelly in some beautiful scenery in the mountains around Vancouver. Towards the end of the video, Nelly disappears into a cloud of dust but we hope mothernature doesn’t keep her for too long. And of course we always try our best to give you a bit of skin to look out for, so look out for the hunky men dancing around a bonfire. We can’t figure out which is hotter.

The song itself harks back to her earlier work with a much more folk sound, but still mixed in with her soulful voice and usual mix of hip hop sounds. We think this song will be good for you if you are ever feeling a teeny bit grumpy. Or else it will just make you think of your favourite spirit. Vodka and lime anyone?

Check out the video The Spirit Indestructible below:

Spirit Indestructible (the single) is out 3 August. The album, The Spirit Indestructible is out 14 September

Words: Antony De Rienzo

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