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Ride of The Bluebottles

Exciting new Edinburgh Fringe Play

Music haters and music lovers alike should be excited for the new Edinburgh Fringe play, The Ride of the Bluebottles. Deploying a mixture of wit and biting satire, the play gets right to the heart of the problems with media, egos and even homophobia in the modern music industry. Set in the world of indie rock mediocrity, The Bluebottles are a failing band who are just one bad gig away from a messy break up. Consumed by their own hype, the characters tear themselves and each other apart. A new trailer was released recently which you can see below:

We managed to catch up with writer and director Dale J. Pearson at an advanced performance in Newcastle - upon - Tyne and he had a lot to say. “The Ride of the Bluebottles is a play I've had in mind for a while. I'm a big music fan, but a lot of the ego stuff gets on my nerves. My thought was that, back in the 60s, pop musicians could get away with saying they were doing something politically important. If Lennon said he was causing peace then people sort of just bought it. You see a modern band try to do that and it just looks a bit silly, frankly. So to an extent, the play is about that.”

“I love band music, but all the band culture that goes with it just strikes me as being a bit adolescent. So that's what I've written. These childish male characters - whiny, naïve, homophobic - putting on this act of trying to be Dylan or Lennon or Hendrix and it all just turns out to be a bit - well – hilarious. I always feel a bit cheated when characters on stage, film or in sitcoms aren't completely egotistical and selfish. It just makes everything funnier.”

“I'm really lucky to have such a talented group of actors as well - just a very funny group of guys with brilliant timing. They're all a lot nicer in real life than they are in the play so it's been a bit of a long slog trying to get them to act like scoundrels. I think they've taken to it a bit too convincingly though. If you're at the Fringe and are really lucky then one of handsome young actors may flyer you.”

We're already big fans of the lovely Dave, rocking the geek chic look like only drummers can. While Dale won't comment on why the characters all have famous namesakes, but we think there's something to do with the different decades being represented. George is all soft and 60s, Syd is aggressive and punk while Dave represents a level headed 90s way of looking at things (He even looks like Dave Rowntree if you squint). While the advanced show we caught may differ from the one at the Fringe, we can vouch for the fact that The Ride Of The Bluebottles is good fun. The play is on at lunchtime (11.10) at theSpace on the Mile, so it'll be a fantastic start to your day. Until then you can catch the band on twitter and see all their little squabbles play out online.

Tickets are priced £6-£9 and are available here.

Words: Joshua Hammond

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