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The Glee Project: Round 2

Although already out in the States, it returns to our screens next month on Sky1.

Firstly for those who are not familiar with the Glee Project concept, it is basically an X Factor/American Idol audition process in order to gain a permanent role in Glee.

Each week there is a main theme i.e. theatricality, vulnerability, dance ability, believability, sexuality etc. Then there are mini-challenges such as the homework assignment, where each contestant learns a segment of a song, which they will later perform together to a mystery guest judge from the Glee cast. The winner of this challenge then has a one on one session with the guest judge and has the principal part in the music video.

Next, the contestants must prepare themselves for the music video. It’s like the homework assignment but more professional. Each contestant records their individual part in a professional studio and learns the choreography from the shows choreographer Zach Woodlee and his assistant Brooke Lipton.

Confused? Check this out:

You’re probably thinking 'who is that hot guy?'.

His name is Blake Jenner and he’s 19.

So back to the Glee Project, once they’ve done the video. They are called to the callbacks. They are on stage and get critiqued by Robert Ulrich (casting director), Zach Woodlee (choreographer) and Nikki Anders (vocal producer) for their performances throughout the week. After, the bottom three are revealed.

This leads us on to the last chance recital, where each contestant in the bottom three is assigned a song and must perform it for Ryan Murphy (writer/producer). Ryan Murphy along with the other judges then decides who should be eliminated.

Finally, we have the final callbacks and this is where it differs from other generic singing shows. Instead of a dramatic prolonged pause in order to create tension ultimately to be told who is leaving, Robert Ulrich posts a list of the bottom three. The one who has the word ‘eliminated’ next to their name has to go.

However during their exit, the eliminated contestant gets to sing the lead vocals for Keeping Holding On by Avril Lavigne while the remaining contestants sing the backing vocals. In some ways a bittersweet end.

Words: Matt Peake

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