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Jens Lekman

Intimate acoustic set in anticipation of his next album

So apparently The Black Gardinia doesn't exist anymore and is just a pile of rubble off Oxford Street. It's a good job we didn't go there instead of Blacks last night, to see Jens Lekman do an intimate acoustic set. It was intimate in a very hot, sticky, knee-to-knee setting, but Jens' soothing tones and between song narratives easily swept the mind away from any physical discomfort.

As well as playing his new single...

...he wove in two tracks from his last EP (one including an amusing anecdote about stalking Kirsten Dunst) and an innovative youtube lead saxophone duet.

Anyways, it's all lovely and beautiful and was a perfect introduction to his new album which you'll be reading about in the next issue of GT.

Preorders over here

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