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Chris Colfer wants to represent all those who are overachieving and under appreciated.

The Glee star takes centre stage in the smart man’s American Pie.

Chris Colfer is making the transition from small to big screen with his first movie role in Struck by Lightning. Not only is Colfer the lead role, but he also helped produce the film and was the one who penned the screenplay. That’s an incredible feat from someone who was unknown about three years ago.

The film follows Carson Phillips as he tries to get into the Ivy League College of his dreams in order to become a world famous writer. To do this he blackmails the movers and shakers in his class to get them to contribute to a magazine he is publishing. There is no clue in the trailer whether Colfer’s character will be gay, but here is hoping he brings in his long time Glee co-star and on screen kissing partner Darren Criss to play the love interest.

Fortunately for fans of Colfer, but not of Glee, there doesn’t appear to be any singing. Instead it seems that Struck by Lightning will be witty, sarcastic and touching (although lets hope they haven’t included ALL the best bits in the trailer). Colfer has said that he used his own experiences of overachievement and under appreciation as his inspiration for the film.  And if all that doesn’t appeal to you (maybe ask yourself why on Earth it doesn’t?) then there is the lovely
Christina Hendrix to get you all excited.

Words: Matt Isard

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