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Gay Irish jazz singer

Is Nina Simone back from the dead and performing through the body of a gay Irishman?

Sadly, she’s not. However, meet her vocal Doppelgänger, Jaime Nanci. From the four-piece band Jaime Nanci and The Blue Boys, an Irish jazz band from the heart of gay Dublin.

The band consists of lead vocalist Jaime Nanci, who flaunts an impressive four octave vocal range whose love of Nina Simone and goats (random, but listen to him talking on their website) is evident in his vocal tone and his impressive sideburns. And as for the other band members:

- Polish-born Pawel Grudzien (Pav The Fiddler) a multi-talented instrumentalist who has his fingers in many pies and who isn’t too shy about wrapping his jaws around a synthesized wind instrument.

- Hispanic drummer, Abel Benito, jazz trained who has a flair for other musical genres, having apparently started drumming before he could speak.

- Dave Redmond (Raven Dedwood) award-winning bassist enticed to the band with the promise of fine women and rich food. However, touring the world with his Bull Fiddle for company.

Now you’ve met all the band, take a listen here to Jamie’s vocal skills as he sings Cry Me A River at the Whelans in Dublin:

If you want to know more, take a look at their website.

Words: Matt Peake

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