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Artist alert: Anil

You may of already of Anil, who has in the past toured with singer Imogen Heap as a guitarist and played Glastonbury with band The Fabrics. Now Anil is back, with a new song and album coming out later this summer as well. The first single to come from his new EP, which is to be called One More Sleep.

Anil is known for his truly unique sound, mixing multiple genres, a fine example of how he achieves this can be heard in his new track. One More Sleep is a beautiful song, and it has a beautiful video to go along with it. For a slow song, it is surprisingly summery, and is a perfect song to end a night out to. The video for the song is also rather unique as we see Anil getting awoken by a black clad figure.

You can tell that touring with Imogen Heap has really influenced his sound, you could almost mistake the track as one of hers. But his unique voice quickly puts this idea out of your head. It is great to hear something different in today’s music industry, which at times, all blurs into one. Give it a listen here:

Anil’s music was recently heard at the Opening Gala of Open City Documentary Film Festival back in June, performed by the London Contemporary Voices.

Anil’s EP, Mesonoxian, is out for release August 2012.

Words: Antony De Rienzo.

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