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Camping Trip

with Johnny Robinson and Matt Johnson

There’s no denying that, as of yet, summer has been wet, dreary and everyone’s just generally a bit grumpy - typical. But look no further because ITV has come to the rescue with laughs a plenty. As part of its weekday slot, This Morning is set to entertain us from 16 July with some class comedy and frolicking fun. We’ve been particularly excited about the prospect of the dashing Matt Johnson and X Factor gem Johnny Robinson camping together and taking part as an intimate duo in challenging activities around some of the UK’s most popular holiday hotspots. And yes, we’ve been fortunate enough to gain an inside scoop about what we’re to expect to see on their recent camping trip, which of course we just cannot wait to see…

How did you find the camping experience?

Johnny: It was fabulous. It felt like Wuthering Heights meeting Brokeback Mountain. Expect to see me and Matt walking together across the moors in pouring rain; me with my pink suitcase going across the mountains – Lord! Oh, and a pink tuxedo to match, which I had to wear all the time. We stayed in a tent together, unfortunately in different sleeping bags. It was all such SUCH good fun and so lovely to work with Matt. It was like we just went away together, just us two!

Matt: I had a fantastic time and Johnny’s a great laugh. We should have a brand new sitcom, where we live in a bed sit and sleep in bunk beds: the brand new odd couple. Carry On Camping was a brilliant title: Johnny epitomises Kenneth Williams, and perhaps I’m like Sid James, I mean I don’t look like him, but ooze his appeal!

What kind of activities can we expect to see you guys get up to?

Johnny: Well, we abseiled down a cliff in Devon, which was a 40-50 ft drop. I wasn’t scared at all, I just got on with it and really enjoyed it.

Matt: I was so chuffed with myself that I managed to do this, as I’m scared of heights. So it was a bit of a personal achievement. I also really enjoyed the pig racing; that was hilarious.

Johnny: Yes, as the pigs raced against each other, Matt did the commentary and I was in the pigpen, with the pigs. One of the pigs had a bit of an injury so we had to get some “oinkment” for it!

Did you get up to anything else exciting?

Matt: Yes, we went quad biking in a field and took milk from some cows to make ice cream. That was fun.

Johnny: Going Horse riding was also a hoot, as I’ve never done it before, apart from riding a pony on a beach on Blackpool many years ago. I wanted to ride a stallion of course though.

So the horse riding was definitely like Brokeback right?

Matt: Maybe for Johnny, but I didn’t feel like it was very Brokeback, at all. I’m actually allergic to the horses, when I touched one it got in my eye and then I felt like I had hay fever.

Hardly like Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal then. But in terms of dynamics, how did you guys get on?

Johnny: Well, I already knew Matt as I’d met him on the Hub before. He’s very handsome and got that James Bond look going on. On the trip we went to Burgh Island; apparently Poirot was filmed there. Matt took me for a lovely meal with cocktails and we played a game of snooker. The bromance was brewing. I found myself strangely more joined to Matt; he seemed to become quite protective over me.

Matt: Yes, I was protective over him, but I’m like that with every body. He was very protective over me. He wanted to spoon when we were in the tent, but I had to say no, he double checked and I said no again. I’d made sure that separate sleeping bags was put in the contract, because I don’t think I could handle it.

Are you both single right now?

Matt: I’m very much single at the moment. I was in a long term relationship, but now I’m single. I’m kind of happy now, but single Sundays suck. I miss going for walks, having coffee and breakfast and then going to the cinema, that kind of thing.

Johnny: Well of course I’m single. (Laughs). I’m about as sexy as a digestive biscuit. On the gay scene, I think a lot of its about image. A lot of the gay boys like big, muscley men, not Mr Bean men like me.

Well we love you. And you’ve been a great supporter of gay rights.

Johnny: Yes, I’m so proud of what I’ve done for the gay scene. I went to Birmingham, Cardiff and Dublin to celebrate Pride this year.

That’s fantastic. Will you be doing anything else in the near future, either TV-wise, performing on stage or even making music?

Johnny: Over the summer, like this, I’ll be doing bits and pieces for ITV, which is wonderful. I’m also preparing my Christmas single, entitled It’s Christmas Time again. A lot of people told me to do a dance track for the summer. But at Christmas, the charts are dominated by the likes of Mariah Carey, so I just want to create something brand new but with a traditional sound. So I’m producing a swing jazz song, which will have a dance version alongside it to cover both markets. I’ve spent quite a lot of time writing for the album. The songs don’t relate to my sexuality. I write them from an a-sexual point of view. I don’t want the songs to be interpreted as specifically gay.

That’s really exciting. And Matt?

Matt: Well I’ll be flat out with ITV, and we have the Benidorm trip coming up, yet again with Johnny. But most weekdays I’ll be presenting in the Hub. I don’t know who’ll be coming on the show yet as it changes every week. Fingers crossed, maybe Cheryl Cole will be coming in!

Catch this legendary pair on their camping trip on This Morning, weekday mornings from Monday 16 July.

Words: Helena Izett

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