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HRNNNNK! Euphoria.

Loreen (winner of Eurovision 2012) releases the actual official video

We remember her performance of Euphoria at the Eurovision last May as if it was yesterday. Ah, the wind machines, the mystical arm moves, the snowflakes… With this hit song, Loreen, 28, instantly became a new gay icon. Oh and also she led her country Sweden to win the singing competition for the fifth time in its history.

Actually, win is a euphemism. She basically crushed the other contestants as18 countries out of 45 granted her with the maximum of 12 points. Fierce.So when the video of her hit song Euphoria was finally released we eagerly all rounded up in the office to watch it.

In her Eurovision performance, it was clear that Loreen prone simplicity: she was barefoot, her costume was made of chiffons and she barely wore any make-up. Thankfully we find that success hasn’t changed the gal for a bit. The video features Loreen performing those same mystical moves in a forest, with nothing other than black clothes and a bit of smoke around her. No flashlights, no extravaganza... And that’s for the best as it makes the song even more intense and dramatic, two words we’re very fond of at GT.

All in all this video makes us even more impatient to discover her debut album. By the way, we recently met Loreen to talk about her experience at the Eurovision and her self-professed craziness and, during the interview, she even revealed details about her first album.

It’s in the August issue of GT so * hint, hint * check it out.

Words: Clemence Duron
Photo: Valter Frank

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