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Ice Age: Continental Drift

Scratch's obsession with nuts is still the main attraction

In this new Ice Age movie, Manny, Diego and Sid embark on an adventure on the freezing ocean as continents drift apart, separating Manny from his wife Ellie and daughter Peaches. Pirates and ocean creatures will get in the way of the three heroes trying to find their way back to the continent. You’ll find a few newbies in the cast with Jennifer Lopez dubbing Shira, a female tiger, Nick Frost as a goofy sea lion and Heater Morris from Glee and Nicki Minaj as bitchy mammoths (insert your own jokes).

For a fourth Ice Age movie we expected the writers’ creativity to have faltered and we were right. Although the idea of a continental drift is great and allows having a few truly enjoyable action scenes at the beginning – with, we must admit, a surprisingly good use of the 3D – the story quickly becomes a predictable scenario and falls into old tricks and simplistic morals. After an astonishing start, the film generally fails to impress and has a bitter taste of deja vu.

Scratch and his obsession with nuts unsurprisingly remains the best part of the film and offers a few good laughs here and there.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is out 13 July nationwide

Words: Clemence Duron

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