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Boom Boom Club: Prospero’s Tavern

Raucous but Cutting-edge Cabaret

The Boom Boom Club, which started out in 2006 has gradually progressed over the past few years, and now, with its latest show Prospero’s Tavern, it has stormed to success at the London Wonderground. File under: Cabaret with a twist.

Indeed we all love a cacophonous and raving party, and this does just the trick. There is something innately different and experimental about it, wholly removed from being commercial – but don’t worry, it’s not too edgy and uncomfortably avant-garde. You can take your mum too.

Viewers become completely immersed in a truly theatrical cabaret, as well as surreal musical comedy, crazy circus and acrobatic antics, fire-breathing and burlesque dancing, all combined with an alternative night-life party and mysterious music, which eerily echoes from all around.

The story that unravels is loosely centred around Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. A strange choice for cabaret we hear you say? Certainly, the first question we asked ourselves was: why on earth would Prospero want to open a pub on the island? And surely this raucous and down-right-dirty genre undermines and betrays good old Shakespeare himself? How can such low and high forms of art be placed alongside one another in such a way?

Somehow though, the combination of tits and subverted literature go hand in hand; be prepared for a surreal party with a troupe of lost soul characters, including Titanic ballroom diners and sea wenches. The term ‘La Reve’ certainly springs to mind, as you’ll probably wake up thinking it was all in your mind; weird and wonderful.

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Showing at London Wonderground, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd.

Words: Helena Izett

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