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Kazaky’s anthem to Barcelona

Their latest release is dedicated to all things Spanish

No one seems able to stop Kazaky’s rise at the moment, they keep just getting bigger and better. Recently seen dancing in their now infamous heels in Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild video, they have just dropped their latest tune, Barcelona.

With its echoing, thumping beat kicking off and lasting throughout the song, we can already picture it in the clubs. The almost whispering voices of the group add to the whole atmosphere of this moody track, bound to haunt your summer. The band said that it only took them a day to write the entire song, which is an amazing feat considering how catchy it is. The song is written as a dedication to the city of Barcelona, and it is clear the four piece draw a lot of inspiration from the cultural Mediterranean city.

They continue to combine and celebrate sexuality, music, choreography and fashion to create this winning video:

Kazaky are due to appear at this years Poptronik festival in Sitges, Spain 1-2 September 2012. Tickets are available from, @kazaky

Words: Antony De Rienzo.

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