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Dappy: Tarzan 2 (I’m Coming)

Dappy swinging from a tree with only leaves covering the essentials.

Dappy is back with a rope swinging video for his new song called Tarzan 2 (I’m Coming). We’ll ignore the pun intended there. The song is a follow up to previous song Tarzan. The video has many bizarre scenes, including Dappy swinging on a rope in a leaf loin cloth (hence Tarzan) with a surprisingly toned form, a man dry humping a blow up doll with various different masks on including Kelly Rowland and two women involved in a sexual encounter.

The first time you watch the video you will barely notice the song, which blurs into the background as you see poor Kelly’s face being licked by the gentleman. The song continues in similar vane to previous Dappy and N-Dubz singles, with a strong beat and strong words from the rapper, even having time to give Alexandra Burke career advice “I feel bad because your voice is amazing, But your career is getting raped by a mason”. A mason?

There are some cruder moments in the video, a man seemingly having quite a painful time in the bathroom (just watch) and Dappy picking his nose close up on camera. Lovely.

Dappy on iTunes.

Words: Antony De Rienzo

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