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Kathy Griffin

No longer on the D-List

Well known for saying whatever she wishes (and usually what we are all thinking), Kathy Griffin is notorious on the comedy scene. After her hit show My Life On The D-List was taken off the air in 2010, American television network Bravo commissioned her a new late-night talk show, aptly titled Kathy. Now 11 episodes in, her talk show continues to go from strength to strength.

She started off having only, as she calls them, civilians on the show, who would rip into the latest celebrity gossip, reality television and gay rights issues. As the show has worn on, celebrities have been appearing, including Chelsea Handler (of Chelsea Lately fame on E!) and Anderson Cooper, who publicly came out yesterday. Others have included Lance Bass (the gay one from N*SYNC) and AJ McLean (the not so gay one from Backstreet Boys) who were on the same show and sang some of their hits with Kathy. Kathy looks fabulous as always, and she openly speaks of her relationship with her new man, 18 years her junior- lucky her!

Of course, you cannot have Kathy Griffin without her 92-year-old mother Maggie Griffin (Tip It!) whose segment at the end, Maggie Tucks Us In, is completely the right title for it. The show has the perfect blend of Kathy’s biting comedy, her views on current issues and behind the scenes look at her life and the show itself.

Words: Antony De Rienzo

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