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Movie date night, Your Sister’s Sister

Speed Dating + movie = perfect Friday night

On 6 July, Curzon cinema in Soho will show Your Sister’s Sister, a bittersweet rom-com by Lynn Shelton that, we bet, will make us all laugh and cry. But dry your tears because the evening doesn’t stop there: the cinema is holding a gay speed dating session after the movie.

We all love classic heart-tearing love triangle movies such as Bridget Jones or My Best Friend’s Wedding but this one seems to stand out from the lot as, hold your breath, there’s family involved. Iris (Emily blunt) invites her best friend Jack, played by Mark Duplass, to stay in her family’s retreat, a cabin on a remote island. Expecting solitude, Jack bumps into Iris’ sister Hanna (Rosemarie DeWitt), drowning her pain in alcohol after splitting up with her girlfriend of seven years – yes, we can relate too. Quite unsurprisingly a one-night stand follows. The situation gets tricky when Iris shows up the next morning, leading to a series of lies, confidences and awkward situations. And obviously we can’t wait to see Mark Duplass who ravished us in the hilarious bromance comedy Humpdays (2009) – also directed by Lynn Shelton, by the way.

Here's the trailer:

Speed dating / Your Sister's Sister is on 6 July, 6.45pm at Curzon Cinemas Soho

Words: Clemence Duron

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