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Exciting picture of a zebra (and George Michael)

Back and filming a new – presumably black and white - video

We’ve got some news from George Michael – his new single White Light was announced only recently and George’s already been sharing some shots of the video he is filming in London. Like this one above…

This week he tweeted a snap of himself sitting on a box (or pouf, your call), hands folded, and wrote: “Hey everybody, ‘White Lights’ goes to radio on Friday, which is the 30th anniversary of Wham’s first chat entry at 105”. We did try and host a clip for you, but it’s nowhere to be found online. Roll on Friday. Instead we’ll have to put our imaginations to good use as George Michael personally connected that twitter photo to these lyrics from the single: “I am back… I am back… prouder than ever baby… louder than ever maybe.”

*hums I Was Walking Down The Road* Exciting.

The single is due to release on 12 August and will also contain a brand new recording of his classic Song to the Sirens.

Words: Clemence Duron

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