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Ste McCabe and Sacred Paw

The Unskinny Bop library gig this Sunday

Who plays punk music in a library? Ste McCabe and Sacred Paw, that’s who. Organised by local DJs Unskinny Bop and also featuring folk band Pigeon Heroes (cause pigeons need heroes too) there’ll be booze, food, and a zine stall run by Paper Dinosaur distro.

Ste McCabe is a notorious performance whore, popping up in pop-ups all over the country. His lyrics are politically charged lyrics with lines like, “Every time, every time it’s a fascination with this hole of mine/ every time, every time it’s a public debate about my backside,” from Public Debate. This is that particular brand of hardcore electro synth DIY punk, which reminds you that our difference can be celebrated without any sort of conformance whatsoever. Although, babe, stop reading the Daily Mail if it’s making you so angry.

If you don’t want a mortgage and a baby, if you feel there’s something deeply wrong with this country but you don’t know how to articulate it – let Ste speak for you. Or better yet, come down and be inspired to pick up your own mic.

Sacred Paw are the latest reworking of a number of women already established on the London and UK underground queerpunk scene. Rachel Aggs (of Trash Kit and Covergirl) teams up with Eilidh of the Golden Grrrls who’s mostly based in the teeny-tiny creative hub of Glasgow. That’s teeny-tiny compared to, say, Berlin at the moment but we’re sure it’s huge in comparison to the queerpunk happening in Milton Keynes. This is the beauty of the genre though; artists can fluidly collaborate without confusing the audience. If things are going well the audience should already be confused. And naked.

So this is for all you queers who want to get down and dirty amongst the literature. And if you can’t make it Ste will be around for the Hot August Fringe and Limetree Festival at the beginning and end of August respectively. See you there.

24 June, 4pm. Bethnal Green Library, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 London.

Words: Ana Hine

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