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Will Sabin

New gay Aussie pop star

His debut track Wear Me Out is autotuned within an inch of its life but if you can put up with hot and sweaty topless men, we don’t think you’ll mind so much.

Sounding a bit Turn Up the Music but thrown into the proverbial blender with hunky leather and pvc clad men and women, along with a smattering of the dance-tries-dubstep vibe that is smothering the airwaves, Will Sabin’s debut effort Wear Me Out is starting to go viral.

As one of Australia’s most sought after choreographers, who has conjured up stunning routines for the likes of Luciana and excitingly for one of this year’s World Pride headliners in Deborah Cox, among others.

We think you’ll be able to forgive the questionable lyrics, “My girls are rockin’ out their Louis Vuitton heels, with their million dollar billion dollar bills”, when you find out that Will also uses his spare time to help promote It Gets Better Australia, who aim to promote gay youth suicide prevention.

Having also supported dance pop sensations The Potbelleez and We No Speak Americano DJ Yolanda Be Cool, this gorgeous Aussie’s resumé is certainly looking healthier by the day.

He’s now taking the limelight and well and truly shining it on his well-oiled chiseled body in this slightly Christina inspired video, which you can enjoy for yourself below. [nb: we take no responsibility for your actual enjoyment].

What better way to start your weekend than with this Aussie wearing very little and dancing around a sweaty underground club...

WordsAndrew Jay

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