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Sinitta wants some toy boys

Think you’re so macho?

Sinitta is in need of some hunky male dancers for a once in a lifetime opportunity (we’re green with envy that we aren’t auditioning). You'll be coached and mentored by the star herself for 10 days to perform in front of 30,000 people at the highly anticipated PWL Hit Factory Live.

15 volunteer performers (yes it's voluntary, but isn’t it payment enough that the lucky few will be trained personally by Sinitta?) If that wasn’t enough they're even offering up the opportunity to rejoin her on her future gigs. (Which has us in the office wishing for a little more rhythm so a spot on Sinitta’s team could be ours).

And here’s a little video of Sinitta in action, so get practising;

Open auditions are being held at; Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brwer Street, London on 2 July at 1pm.

Tickets for PWL Hit Factory Live can be found here and you really need this album and this album in your life.

Words Jack Wingrove

And here's one more that we need to hear at Hyde Park please Snit!

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