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Larry Tee

and some dogs in wigs

We pre-warned you in our Summer issue that it was coming. So don’t be shocked when we show you the long-awaited Charlie! music video from Larry Tee.

If you’re unfamiliar with Larry Tee, he’s from New York and was a hipster before they were hip. His creation is the music genre Electroclash, which FYI is now in the Oxford Dictionary. Larry Tee’s Super Techno Party Machine nights at East London’s East Bloc on a Friday night are also something pretty special.

Charlie! is his latest creation and his outrageous standards have remained consistent. Collaborating with the equally outrageous fashionista Charlie Le Mindu, the pair have gone the distance and plonked wigs on some cool pooches. Our favourites are Le$ha, Katy Puggy, Chihuahua Del Rey and Amy Doghouse, but we feel its necessary for you to see for yourself.

Words: Laura Nicholls

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