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Remember Infernal? They're back.

As Paw & Lina, with a new track

Have you been left wondering what happened to Infernal too? After blasting through our speakers with From Paris To Berlin in 2006, here they are six years later with a new name. The new persona has sparked intrigue as to whether the pair have been dropped from their label and chosen to move in a new direction, but this far nothing has been confirmed.

The video mainly takes place in the pair’s garage singing to the track. But they have also been rummaging through home videos to mix in with the new footage showing them at a cute age.

The track called Stolt af Mig Selv? is straight from Euro club land that’s filled with synths and strings with some dubstep thrown in there, and just as a bonus they have added in some footage of the gorgeous Paw with no clothes on too. If you’re struggling with the midweek blues, this will keep you going until Saturday.

Thanks to Scandipop for the heads up.

Words: Jack Wingrove

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