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The Amazing Spider-Man

Hot hero catches us in his web (kind of)

It’s billed as one of the biggest superhero movies of all time, so fittingly the filmmakers (and presumably a mammoth PR team) took over London with a colossal spider’s web last night – most likely leaving the capitals clingfilm stocks quite low.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans, were among the stars in attendance at the elaborate premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring real life acrobatics as a swarm of Spider-men and women invaded the red carpet for the opening of the latest reboot in the Spider-Man franchise, despite it only being five years since the last.

But it wasn’t all about fit people in unitards keeping us entertained on the red carpet – the fit people in suits turned up to speak with us too. Particularly the leading-man, looking extremely smart.

As a boyhood Spider-Man fan, Garfield spoke of the pleasure it was for him to get the part as he’s “wanted to be Spider-Man since I was three years old so I get to kind of do it, it’s kind of insane to actually put on the suit and strike those poses and do that swinging is very surreal.”

For the role, he devoted much of his time, six hours a day for six months training for the role to be precise, but “got paid for being in a playground I have nothing to complain about.”

Emma Stone, known most notably for her roles in The Help, Easy A, Superbad and of course, The House Bunny, described the moment she heard she was to play Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy as ‘wild and incredible’ because “it went on the internet nine seconds after I found out.”

The Golden Globe nominee (for her role in The Help) also reiterated her desire to “stay true to the comics and please the fans. It’s pretty overwhelming the 50 years of fans of Spider-Man, so I did the best I could”.

She also spoke of how grateful she was for the chance to work alongside Garfield and “was really great to work with him it was really nice to build that relationship between Gwen and Peter, it was great.”

Stone also joked about the clause in her contracts that mean she can only work with hot men, after just finishing production opposite Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn in Gangster Squad, her delight at the eye candy she’s been starring with “it’s pretty great to get that contractually written in.”

Speaking why the 28-year-old Garfield was perfect for the role, director Marc Webb heaped on the praise, “he’s incredibly funny, he can do emotional dimension and depth really well. He’s also handled the pretty intense physical demands of an action star like this and he’s a good looking guy so it’s a great combination for Peter Parker.” A sentiment we would most certainly agree with.

Even if you’re not a Spider-Man fan, you should be swinging all the way to your nearest cinema to catch this blockbuster as it touches down soon – we’re not allowed to review the movie officially until 29 June, but watch this space...

The Amazing Spider-Man officially opens 3 July.

Words Andrew Jay

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