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Lady Chatterley's Revenge

Never Underestimate The Chorus Girl

In a world of crazed make-up and terrifying wigs resides Daniel Marlowe, a self described “guerilla film-maker” who creates motion pictures on a tiny budget. His latest, Lady Chatterley's Revenge, is having its World Première at the Cinema Museum in Lambeth. A tale of dirt, death and deceit, the story follows two showgirls competing for the coveted role of Lady Chatterley on stage as their naked ambition for the role becomes deadly. Check out the bonkers trailer below:

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Lady Chatterley's Revenge is definitely reminiscent of old soap operas, B Movies and the campest films of the last 40 years. We think that there's definitely an old John Waters vibe going on. What good is a film about showgirls without a musical interlude? No good, the musical numbers have couplets to die for such as “That part was meant for me, I'm Lady Chatterley”, the musical element adds to the Waters-y vibe (think Cry Baby and Pink Flamingos). To make things just that little bit more camp, the two leading ladies are called Chiffon Collins and Ruby Foxglove, is it just us or would those names not be out of place in The Birdcage?

With some of the most crazed and surreal acting we've seen in years Lady Chatterley's Revenge looks like it could become a camp cult favourite. All this film needs are some drinks to be thrown in faces and this would look like the greatest ever episode of Days Of Our Lives.

Filmed over just six days on a micro budget, the film's rough and ready feel is part of its charm, but with enough sequins and costume changes it makes sure you still get wound up the grand stories of the stage. One thing is clear, you must leave your inhibitions at the door because Lady Chatterley's Revenge is definitely not for the faint hearted or those with a diet solely of Hollywood fodder.

Tickets for the premiere of Lady Chatterley's Revenge are available here

Words: Joshua Hammond

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