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Alex Reid, Danny Young, Marcus Patrick, and Dale Howard get naked.

Not to be confused with the Jackass spin-off TV namesake with lovely-looking lunatic Steve-O, this raunchy, raucous romp is a vehicle that’s seemingly been riding all year (you may remember the boyz kindly posing in our Naked Issue back in February), resulting in a nationwide tour which kicked off in April. The penultimate show came to a loud, rowdy, predominantly female audience on a Friday night at Croydon Fairfield Halls, the lucky lads.

The show starred Big Brother alumnus Dale Howard, ex-Hollyoaks actor Marcus Patrick, and Danny Young of Corrie and Dancing on Ice fame, topped with former Celebrity Big Brother winner and our Sex Issue cover star of last year, Alex Reid. All four played themselves, as they meet in a departure lounge on the way to a celebrity do in Bali. An ash cloud then diverts the flight and they all end up in a cheap hotel in the Balearics, where an international strip troupe has failed to show up to perform.

It wasn’t hard to guess what happened next, but it didn’t matter. Howard had less lines than the others, possibly due to less acting experience, but again, it didn’t matter. You hardly felt like you’re in sunny Spain either, but likewise, it didn’t matter. The premise, script, and set design were all simple, but just like a soft-core porno – no one really cares about any of that.

The boys worked the audience well via a series of playful, sexy stripteases throughout, and like the show itself, they didn’t take it all too seriously, poking fun at themselves, each other, and the world of celebrity. Supporting cast members also provided laughs during and in between scenes, including a drag queen MC and a gay choreographer who, along with another beautifully ripped stud, joined the others in stripping off, unveiling real dancing talent and a rather scrumptious bum.

All of the lads looked delicious as they generously fulfilled classic sexual fantasies involving lifeguards, soldiers, firemen, and seamen, equipped with participation from the audience who by then had turned into a huge harem of Wildgirlz (and some Wildgayz). Young and Howard both tantalised greatly with their delectably gorgeous bodies we remember so well from DOI and BB respectively, while Patrick’s scorching naked flesh was on very fine form indeed.

Most importantly, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, particularly the randy pensioner in the front row, who had to be removed due to her understandable demands for Reid to get his kit off – legend.


Visit Wildboyz official website for more information.

Words: Sam Reynolds

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