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Azealia Banks

Tell me if you like boy. Oh we do, we do...

After the massive success of her recent video for 212 the rap star is back with what’s soon to be another hit, with her asking 'can I be the right girl?' With another bass pumping rap/dance track this should have everyone hitting the dance floor. Again. She has effectively kept to the distinctive explicit style that made 212 a hit, which if you’re in the minority and haven’t listened to yet THIS is what we're talking about:

Taking a modern twist on a Western, Banks looks stunning on the back of a horse and in leather chaps. The video is styled by Nicola Formichetti (who has also styled Gaga) and shows off Banks’ sexy yet humorous side as she seductively sucks on an ice lolly followed by crushing a hotdog in her hand. This second video demonstrates things are only going to get better for Banks and this track is soon to follow in 212’s footsteps. Especially with that "hey" she does so well.

“I make hits motherfucker” - she’s got it down in one there. You’ll soon have it on repeat:

The rappers debut album Broke With Expensive Taste will be released later this year.

Words Jack Wingrove

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