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Misha B whacks it out the park with her brand new video.

Ex-X Factor sensation Misha B has unveiled the video for her debut single, Home Run.

The video is a colourful and radiant affair, which sees Misha strut her way through this fresh debut effort, something that has been missing from previous eliminees’ attempts. This is a pure gem of pop combined with soul and a sprinkling of her attitude, which makes her stand out from the post-factor crowd that are slowly making their way to the job shop.

Misha is so well suited to the track, its easy to forget that this time a year ago we knew nothing of her and the drama that was to follow, as she sings “You got me so excited, I’m doing things I’ve never done before. Done Before”. This is getting us excited about the things to come.

Featuring a good splattering of UV paint to boot, the video sees Misha’s is something even the queen of rap-cum-dance-pop Nicki Minaj would be proud of as Misha sings, “You got me so excited, I’m doing things I’ve never done before” and we’re certainly excited she’s trying those things.

She became a controversial figure on the show when allegations were made about her attitude backstage towards fellow contestants. She clearly possessed raw talent, and undoubtedly could have won the competition had it not been for such accusations, but that’s a case for another blog.

Earlier last month, Misha B released Why Hello World, a 15 minute mixtape of her favourite songs, dotted with pure class from her as she brings a fresh vibe to each section, showing her versatility to both sing and rap. Snippets of Home Run, along with another new song Last Forever were also included in the tape, which has seen Misha’s popularity soar in recent weeks, creating a buzz from which Home Run will be realeased into.

Having reached the semi-finals, Misha is still waiting for a potential collab with her idol Missy Elliot, with Cheryl also reportedly interested in teaming up with the artist.... which leaves the obvious, self fulfilling question - has Misha B has managed to score with a Home Run?

Words: Andrew Jay

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