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Soho Stories

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Thanks to the National Trust.

The National Trust has been safeguarding our history since 1894 but – as we know – history isn’t only about country estates. City streets are also steeped in layers of social history. Especially London’s Soho. How often have you walked through its streets and wondered what tales they would tell if only they could talk? Well, thanks to the National Trust, now they can.

The Trust has ditched the silver polish for a while and gone all urbane and hi-tech. They’ve created Soho Stories, a free audio mobile app that whispers site-specific tales of Soho hedonism into your ear. It uses GPS to sense which street you are on and famous Sohoites share all the gossip – er – history about that location. Mollie Parkin’s tales of drinking with Francis Bacon, Janet Street Porter’s dealings with Damien Hirst and *shudder* Frankie Fraser’s darker tales of the Soho gangster... all told to you exactly where they happened.

And, as Soho is ever evolving (and we know how to party better than Hirst and Bacon) you can share your Soho Stories at Here you can also find out about related events in Soho Square and download the app. Although it is worth checking it out on the iTunes app store, if only to see a National Trust product that has a warning about sexual content, drug use and profanity. GT

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