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Bright Light Bright Light

At CAMP basement last night. Nothing camp about it.

Well, nothing too camp about it considering it's a cute indie boy singing about love woes and relationships over some well crafted electropop. Rod Thomas, ringleader of the Bright Light Bright Light live band (drums, keys, 2 x backing singers a la Pepsi & Shirlie and a VJ) is an engaging yet understated frontman, singing with a steely passion. When he's not simply enjoying himself singing on stage, he's drum-pad bashing or throwing the odd severe serious face. What's not to like?

They played the whole album from what we can remember, which makes for a brilliantly well rounded set. Here's a clip from a previous London show (we were there too, obvs) to give you an idea of his emotive electro pop:

It's just lovely. And he's not difficult to look at which helps. He even wore the suit jacket pictured here for the encore, which included the above song and a banging rendition of his 'hit' Disco Moment. Basically if you have the slightest inclination towards his recorded pop songs, you will fall head over heels in love once you get to see them performed live.

Oh the album is out now and available on cassette among other things. How retro.

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