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The girls spread the love around Camden last night

In a small venue in the heart of Camden, our new favourite trio of girls arrival on stage to rapturous applause as they introduce themselves and get straight into Love Me, the song that catapulted them from the unknown well and truly into their squad’s hearts and to the giddy heights of fifth spot in the UK charts.

The informal setting of The Black Heart pub couldn’t have been more fitting for Stooshe, who saw this as an opportunity to connect with their growing legion of fans. Alexandra, Courtney and Karis who make up Stooshe write their own music and show us their sensitive side on new single Black Heart (*penny drops about pub name*) as they discuss falling in love with someone you know you shouldn’t, crooning “Daddy I've fallen for a monster, he got a black heart.”

The girls also performed three incredibly catchy new songs from their self-titled debut album, including the wildly infectious My Man. As the vibrant trio break out into a wonderful dance sweeping the room, they sing, “Do the butterfly, to the side, to the side”, along with an adorable acoustic performance of Waterfalls by TLC.

Only halfway through the set did we realise they were singing without a band accompanying them. By the end of the night they’d sung Black Heart a remarkable three times, and yet each time you couldn’t help but get a feeling of adoration for their perfect harmonies as Karis belts out the epic final bridge, “somehow he’s scaring me to death” and their admirers get feverishly excited.

After the main show had finished, there were whispers of a surprise and much to our excitement, Stooshe emerged from the doors of the pub to play an intimate acoustic session, where among others they covered Where Have You Been by Rihanna, before inviting their squad to follow them to the front of Camden Tube station, for another impromptu performance where they again showcased their “new town” tunes in the hip and edgy heart of Camden.

What strikes us about Stooshe is how down to earth they still are, and the girls show huge humility in honouring their gay fans. Courtney screamed, “We love you! You guys support us a lot, we have a lot of gay followers, thank you for all your support.”

As the night drew to an end, black heart shaped balloons were released into the air in the centre of Camden, bringing droves of people eager for a glance. This was a spine-tingling moment and a fitting end to this brilliant opportunity for the threesome to connect to their expanding base of fans, their Squad. The grounding they possess will certainly do them no harm as they go onward and upward.

Their self-titled debut album is scheduled for release late September 2012. You can pre-order their new single Black Heart now.

Words Andrew Jay

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