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Christianoshi at Bar Wotever

The electro pop act is deeper than most.

Christianoshi has a gay male message that can speak to everyone. From his song Trust, which looks at universal themes of the trust required in relationships (monogamous and otherwise), to Over Yourself, with it’s deadpan breakdown of a presumably ex-boyfriend’s egoism. You got to admit, it’s great to hear electro acts use words like ‘disingenuous’. Christianoshi doesn’t just talk about relationships though. He opens his set at Bar Wotever with Fake Blood, a song about hypochondria that works well with his stripped down sound.

A stand out track is Fuck Me. At first glance it appears to be a faintly shallow song with the PWL-style electro pop implying light frivolity, but the message of the song is a real, complex one about the pain of sexual rejection with lyrics like, “My heart is breaking / You don’t want to fuck me anymore.”

Christianoshi says; “It’s something that most people can relate to. I introduce it as a heartbreak song because it is – I tried to write a contemporary version of a break-up.”

It’s honest. When we say, “you don’t love me anymore,” isn’t, “you don’t want to fuck me,” what we’re really sometimes saying? There seems to be a rare emotion (for synth heavy pop) in his performance, or it may just be that by the end of the set he’s hit his stride. An encore is called, but he hasn’t got any more songs prepared, so he plays Fuck Me again. The atmosphere is electic.

So what’s the future look like for Christianoshi? A self-released EP is underway. And more scene gigs like this? He shuffles: “I don’t want to hide who I am, but it is daunting. I was very nervous during this gig. I wasn’t as relaxed as I thought I would be for a queer audience.”

Well GT thinks that Christianoshi has nothing to worry about. The audience were hipster-dancing in the aisles.

All songs mentioned are available to stream at

Bar Wotever. Tuesdays 6 – 12pm. Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London.

Words: Ana Hine
Image: Yael Fachler.

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