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Cheryl says Screw You

Like ‘Simon says’ but a game specifically for Ashley Cole and Simon Cowell.

As I’m cheering, swivelling and shouting ‘it’s my life Piers’ on my seat for the release of Cheryl’s next single featuring Wretch 32, Screw You, GT’s editor tells me to settle down like a good Chezbian. We’ll address this later.

With one hand over the mouth and the other agitatedly clicking a pen, Cheryl serves the British nation with yet another (not so subtle) message. Tracing a similar message that Kelis made us hide under our Girls Aloud printed duvets with I Hate You So Much Right Now, placed under a pinky-toe-tapping beat is the second single from Cheryl’s third studio album, A Million Lights.

Meanwhile the popstar has been running media related errands (because it’s her life… okay enough with that), which obviously includes doing interviews backing same-sex marriage equality.

Speaking to Neil Sexton and Debbie Ryan on Gaydar Radio, Cole says: ‘Marriage is far more than a man and a woman, it's a bond for life. Whether you are gay or straight or whatever it makes no difference to being married.’ Sing it Chez.

The interview, which is due to air on Saturday, also heard the Geordie resident talk about her lesbian fans called Chezbians. As self-explanatory as this word mashing is, here is’s definition:

Chezbian - A hetrosexual girl that has homosexual feelings about Cheryl Cole only… Cheryl seems to spawn several girl crushes across the nation.

Stacey: Cheryl Cole is so fit!
Sue: You're such a Chezbian!

Words: Amar Sejpal

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