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Running is fun, running is cool.

We Have Band’s hot new video.

Once upon a time there was a husband and wife called Thomas and Dede who rallied in their GBF Darren to form a band. They called themselves ‘We Have Band’. They decided to call their first single from their second album Tired of Running (we're not surprised they're tired after watching their video).

One day in the woods the trio decided to have a bit of a sing-song when all of a sudden some strange people came running past. This looked liked fun and so Thomas, Dede and Darren all joined in.

While running extremely fast in slow-motion looking very pretty in the magical-looking woodland the band got all emotional, pulled funny faces and it all ended with some smoke and mirrors (literally). After they had enough running around for one day, they decided enough was enough and it was time to go back to their lovely sing-song.

We Have Band’s new album, Ternion is out now and look out for them at LoveBox on Friday (4pm)

Words: Laura Nicholls

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