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Meet Eric, he’s new round here.

and funky.

There’s a new guy on the block. He’s cute, cultured and has got nice curly hair. Singer, Songwriter and Producer Eric Solomon has landed in the UK and has brought along his sexy new single, Ground Control.

From Vancouver to Canada travelling and performing, the chap has been all over the shop – which is no surprise when you hear his eccentric style. We can only describe it as a sexy mish-mash of electro, with some fizzy pop and a dash of funk. His soulful voice against the energetic electro beat creates a rather enjoyable noise, the kind of noise we haven’t heard in a while.

Aside from his up and coming EP being released in July, Eric has composed remixes of our favourites – Owl City’s Fireflies, The XX’s Crystallized and Moth Wings by Passion Pit. It’s all very exciting.

MTV’s reality show ‘The Youth Electric’ features three of Vancouver’s up and coming artists with all the dirt and gossip in between, the darling Eric being one of them. So he’s on the television, he’s nice to look at and listen to – let’s hope he sticks around.

Check out Eric’s soundcloud and website

Words: Laura Nicholls

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