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Mika makes us happy

Wave him hello

Ooh Mika knows how to make us blush on a Monday afternoon. As we clicked open an email to Mika’s first song from his new album, The Origin of Love, we were presented an image of Mika and his biceps and armpit hairs sneaking out of his well-fitted top. We knew this would be a good ’un.

While viewers shouldn’t expect a gold-shoed Mika prancing around in his baggy boxers in his bedroom from the We Are Golden days, instead the singer-songwriter serves us with something sentimental on the front of a hard beat and techno chorus for Make You Happy. Just FYI, have the tissues at the ready if you’re single.

Meanwhile Mika has been schmoozing (similar to acts in the video), with William Orbit, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams and Benny Benassi for the production of his new alb, which Mika describes “will be more simplistic and less layered than the previous album.”

Clearly Mika just wants to make us happy (obvs no pun intended), so Mika if you’re reading this, come to GT’s HQ and we’d be happy to hug.

p.s. we love the song and time code 03:02 of the video.

Words: Amar Sejpal

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