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The Brunswick Biscuit Festival

Celebrating our HobNob Heritage

As we regally wave farewell to four days of celebrations fit for a Queen, it’s natural that many of us will take a moment to stop, reflect and wipe a tear from our eye. Granted, we may not be overcome by a sense of national pride (although we’re not averse to the bunting that comes with it), nor are we lamenting the fact Harry kept his shirt on throughout the televised coverage. Instead we weep tears of pure gin as four days of hangover come crashing in, along with the realisation that tomorrow morning sees the return of the early alarm.

It’s a difficult time for us all but, as the saying goes, it gets better; for not only is the working week a conquerable three days long, but this weekend also sees the arrival of the Brunswick Biscuit Festival. You’re hungover eyes don’t deceive you, this really is an actual biscuit festival; a proud nod to the other Great British institution, the Custard Cream and its crumbly companions.

Held over three days in central London, the festival includes treats such as build-a-biscuit workshops, a ‘Tea and Biscuit Social’ hosted by agony aunt Dai Gestive, and plenty of biscuit based competitions (not that kind of biscuit competition mind, it’s a family show). There’s live music and for those of you who shake-off the hangover in time, we’re assured that there are tea liqueurs on hand too. It doesn’t get much more British than that.
The festival runs at the Brunswick Centre and while admission is free, donations are welcomed for some activities (some of which goes to charity, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re putting away the biscuits for a good cause).

For more info, check out the official site here.

Happy biscuiting!

Words: Luke Campbell

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