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Crazy In Love named NME’s track of the 00s

NME’s 60 Years of New Music feature has come to a close...

The weekly magazine has been doing a series of 100 Tracks Of The Decades from the 50’s up until the 00’s. The track of our most recent decade was revealed to be Beyoncé’s 2003 single Crazy In Love.

Take a look at the full Top 100 list and you'll see
Beyoncé beat strong competition from Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and The Strokes, all of whom are firm NME favourites having appeared on the cover of the magazine a number of times. Arctic Monkeys have been on the cover of NME at least 10 times over the last decade, a stark contrast to Beyoncé’s total lack of cover space.

We can’t help but be pleased for the girl, recognition in the NME is often reserved for those with a more rock or punk aesthetic. The tracks of the previous five decades have all gone to more typical bands: Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, New Order and Pulp have all taken top spot in their respective decades. So for Beyoncé to take top spot is a huge achievement.

To reacquaint yourself with Crazy in Love you can see the video below:

This news also comes on the same day as Beyoncé was cast in 20th Century Fox’s new animated movie, Epic, alongside Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried and Steven Tyler. Allegedly the film revolves around a teenage girl who is transported to another universe in order to rescue it from oblivion and in turn save Earth. It all sounds a bit John Carter-y to us, with a substantial lack of Taylor Kitsch’s lovely chest.

You can download the track
if you don't already have it...

Words: Joshua Hammond

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