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Derek Jarman's Jubilee

“As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart.”

With the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday creeping closer and close and your schedules are getting tighter and tighter, we thought that now would be an opportune time to remind you of another Jubilee. In 1977 influential gay director Derek Jarman filmed a little punk gem of a film. Take a look at the trailer below:

Jubilee’s basic premise surrounds the idea that Queen Elizabeth I was transported forwards in time by her consultant John Dee to a fictional 1977 London. In this dystopian future, London lies in ruins and Queen Elizabeth II has been killed in a mugging. QEI begins following a group of young punks and observes their way of life.

The eclectic cast features Adam Ant, Toyah Willcox and Hermine Demoriane.

The film was released to mixed reviews. Famously Vivienne Westwood created a T-Shirt designed to publicly state her outrage at the film. However Viv has recently taken back things she has said as a younger woman. Recently, the ex ringleader of punk rebellion spoke in favour of the queen, referring to her a “social cement”. You can watch the interview on the BBC website.

If you want to celebrate the Jubilee with a little punk anarchy, the film is available

Words: Joshua Hammond

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