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Get your Headphones on

It’s time to have a listen to the new Little Boots teaser.

The fourth trailer for Little Boots’ new video Headphones has been released today. After four trailers we think she is definitely being a bit of a tease. The latest trailer features fierce fashion/gay icon, the walking piece of art that is Daniel Lismore aka London’s most outrageous dresser. We’re very excited, it hints that it will be a video that we will love if he’s featured.

Little Boots herself explains how the inspiration for the video has been taken in part from the 1984 Wim Wenders film Paris Texas except that the idea of a peep show revolves around headphones and listening to music instead of talking. In each of the four teaser clips we see a different character sat in a booth listening to the song whilst looking at them selves in a mirror. The idea is that everyday characters enter a booth and on listening to the song in a private booth they can allow their extrovert selves appear in the reflection.

It’s a concept that we like, after all we are fond of the freedom to express ourselves and the video shows how the song is a way of releasing your inner selves and setting the crazier side of yourself free. It’s a pretty cool notion and a similar idea but portrayed in a different way to the usual pop videos currently out.

So check out the teaser below and make sure you see the video when it’s released. Roll on 3 June we can hardly wait.

And if you still need your Little Boots fix she’ll be DJing Jodie Harsh’s circus tent at Lovebox this June, get your tickets here. Then after playing select festivals across the globe the summer Little Boots’ new LP will be available in the autumn.

Words: Jack Mottram

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