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The Fangbangers Return

Bloody new trailer for True Blood Season 5

With the endless amounts of gore and hot men to ogle, it’s no surprise that at GT Towers we’re huge fans of True Blood. So when a trailer for the new season emerges from the depths of the web, it’s hard to contain our excitement. For vampy goodness look below:

“I wanna gorge on human blood … because I like it.”

Fully recovered yet? It looks as though the big bad from season 3 has returned and the name Russell Edgington is striking fear into many. It looks as though he’s ready to wreak bloody vengeance onto those who murdered his beloved, and unbearably cute, Talbot. This trailer indicates that this series will continue in the same vein (see what we did there?) as the show so far.

While we’re not sure if Tara will be returning, that massive hole Sookie and Lafayette are digging doesn’t look good. Aside from Tara everyone is present and correct with a multitude of shots of Alexander Skarsgård looking lovely as ever as the beautiful Eric Northman *drool*.

If that has whetted your appetite, season 5 of True Blood kicks off on HBO in the US on June 10 and will arrive on UK screens in August.

If you just need a hit of True Blood, or you need to catch up on the previous seasons, box sets are available

Words: Joshua Hammond

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